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Bath Salt Flower Cakes

Posted on March 22, 2023

These bath salt cakes are absolutely gorgeous and are the perfect addition to a relaxing spa experience at home.

Easy to make, the ingredients in our cakes are easily substituted to whatever salts or carrier oils you would prefer.  Our cakes are make with chunky pink himalayan salts, which give the salt flowers a beautiful textured look and feel.  If you prefer, you can grind down any salt to a finer consistency or substitute the pink himalayan salt for dead sea salt which is white in colour and less noticeable.

We have left our salt cakes uncoloured however you can also add mica in to your mix to create a beautifully coloured bouquet.


                                                                                6 Flowers silicone mould
                                                                                Large mixing bowl
                                                                                Large spoon
                                                                                Tray with baking paper 


          85gms Epsom salt
          110gms Bicarb soda
          5gms Sweet Almond oil
          1ml Fragrance / Essential oil
          5gms Polysorbate 80
          1 teaspoon distilled water



1. Weigh out your dry ingredients.  If your pink himalayan salt has large granules ground them in a mortar and pestle to a more finer salt if you prefer.

2. Sift your baking soda into your bowl, then add your epsom salts and pink himalayan salt.  Mix well.  Add your mica to the desired shade and mix thoroughly to incorporate the colour evenly.

3. Add in your sweet almond oil, fragrance and polysorbate 80.  Mix well

4. Add 1tsp distilled water to your mix and work thoroughly making sure all of your mixture is well combined.  Mix should be damp like sand.

5. Spoon your salts into your flower mould and push down into the cavities.  Use a back of a spoon to push the salt mix into the cavities and compacting it as much as you can.  The more you can 'squash' it down the better your gems will turn out.  However do not push too hard or you will distort the bottom of the mould and push the 'relief' pattern of the mould outwards.

6. Allow your flowers to dry in the mould for a couple of hours then turn out onto the baking sheet.  Let dry overnight.

7.   Store your flowers in air tight containers like apothecary jars, french monacos or other large type jar.  To use, wet and crumble your salt flowers into your bath water to dissolve.