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Fortnightly Instalments Available with

Fortnightly Instalments Available with

Citric Acid

Citric acid is commonly used in the food industry as a preservative but it is also commonly used in bath bombs. It has antioxidant and preservative properties and prevents rancidity and bacteria growth.
Click here for a simple bath bomb recipe

Dead Sea Bath Salt Coarse
Dead Sea Salt is well known for it's exfoliating and therapeutic benefits.
It is used for relaxation & skin conditioning, but is also widely know for its detoxifying, healing, and restoring properties.
Dead sea salts are commonly used in bath salt recipes but can also be incorporated into salt scrubs, lotions and anti-ageing skin care.

Dead Sea Salt is well known for it's exfoliating and therapeutic benefits.
White coarse crystals. Granule size 2 to 5 mm
Epsom Salts
Epsom salts are widely used in bath preparations for their detoxifying properties and ability to soften water. Epsom salts are extremely versatile and useful and range from bath soaks to laundry softeners. It is readily absorbed into the skin reducing inflamation
Not food grade
Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt has in excess of 84 trace elements and minerals that are found in the human body.
It's a great bath salt that relaxes the muscles and soothes the soul.

Due to its fine grain this salt is also suitable for skin and lip scrubs. **Please note that the current size salt is 1-3 mm in size**

This product is very fine and is more similar to table salt.  Please note that the grain will vary from batch to batch. 

Package up these gorgeous salts in our salt jars that come with a little bamboo spoon for convenience.

Sodium Bicarbonate
Baking soda or bicarbonate soda is commonly used in the making of bath bombs. It is a great detoxifyer with antifungal and antiseptic properties.
Food grade
Dead Sea Bath Salt Coarse
from  $10.95
Pink Himalayan Sea Salt
from  $8.95