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Fortnightly Instalments Available with

Fortnightly Instalments Available with

Amber Bottle 100mL

100ml plastic amber bottle suitable for fragrances and essential oils
(Lid sold separately - white tampertel wadded 24mm )

Dropper 25mL

Suitable for use 25ml bottles

Salt Jar 100ml

A gorgeous little jar suitable for bath salts and other products.
Comes with a little wooden spoon and cork

1 = $2.15 ea
12 = $1.70 ea
48 = $1.50 ea
Neck finish:50mm
Weight: 160g
Note: Name identifying mark only
It is the customer responsibillity to check volumes and suitablility

Amber Bottle 10mL

10ml amber glass bottles, suitable for essential oils or fragrance oils.
(Lid sold separately) 

Please note that the 10ml Dropper that ACS sell does not seal this bottle. 

White Tampertel Wadded 24mm

White Tampertel cap wadded 24mm fits 100ml plastic amber bottles

Amber Bottle 25mL
25ml amber glass bottle suitable for essential oils or fragrance oils. 7cm Tall 
(Lid sold separately)

Black Cap 18mm

This 18mm wadded cap will fit 10ml and 25ml amber bottles.

Black Misting spray Lid 24mm
These 24mm misting spray tops will fit on our 100ml amber bottles or 200ml clear bottle.  (24/410)
100ml Amber Jar
Amber glass jar with ABS cap and PP liner
Neck finish:56mm
Weight: 130g
Note:It is your responsibility to check volume for yourself
50ml Amber Jar
50ml Amber glass jar with ABS cap and PP liner
Neck finish:51mm
Weight: 86g
Note: It is your responsibility to check volume.
Name identifying mark only
Dripolater Lid 18mm

This 18mm lid fits 10ml and 25ml bottles and comes ready assembled with a white dripolator for easy pour.

Amber Bottle 500mL
500ml plastic PET amber bottle suitable for fragrances and essential oils
(Lid sold separately- white wadded tampertel 28mm )
Black 24mm Lotion Pump

This black lotion pump will fit both the 100ml Amber bottle and the 200ml clear lotion bottle. 24/410
Perfect for liquid soaps and lotions.
Cut the straw to suit your length of bottle.

Dropper 10mL

Suitable for use in 10ml.

Black Lotion Pump 28mm
Black 28mm lotion pump to suit bottles with 28mm necks. 28/410
Clear 200ml PET Bottle

Our clear 200ml capacity PET bottle is perfect for liquid soaps and other lotions.
Screw neck, 24mm - lid sold separatley 

Click here for White 24ml Tampertel Cap

Click here for Black Misting Spray Lid 24ml 

Click here for Black 24mm Lotion Pump Lid 

Height (mm) 130.0 

Diameter (mm) 50.0

White Wadded Tampertel 28mm

White Tampertel cap wadded 28mm fits 500ml plastic amber bottles

Lotion Lid

Our white lotion lid will fit our 500ml amber bottle.

White Pump 28mm

White 28mm lotion pump suitable for 500ml bottles.  (28/410)