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How to create the snow covered effect on our xmas tree mould

Posted on November 13, 2023

This is one of our favourite Christmas moulds.  They are simple and quick to make but look so pretty and will brighten up any festive Christmas table.

Creating the snow covered look is not that hard to do.  See our step by step guide below and be sure to post your Christmas tree under our reviews on the website and on our facebook and instagram pages.

Step 1:  Make your Christmas tree using our Christmas tree mould and SoyaLuna Pillar wax. 

TIP:  Don't use a wick pin like we did as it tends to break the tip off the mould when demoulding.  Use our handy wick threading tool to pierce a hole in the tip of the mould and thread through your wick.

Step 2: Use a skewer dipped in your required colour and careful drag the colour slowly through the melted wax

Step 3:  Continue dipping the skewer in the colour and pulling through the melted wax.  You will see it start to disperse and drop down.  Careful not to stir the wax too much otherwise you will end up with a solid green colour

Step 4:  Once you are happy with the colour leave your candle to dry.  The colour will continue to spread and drop whilst the wax sets.

Step 5:  Once your candle has fully set carefully demould it.  Gently pull the edges of the silicone away from the candle to loosen the silicone.


Step 6: Fold the silicone down gently as you go stretching it and rolling it at the same time.

Step 7:  When you get to the tip, work even slower.  Flip the candle over on to it's base and push down on the top to push the tip out.  It is a very thin part of the candle, but don't worry if the tip breaks off.  Melt the top part of the candle and quickly replace the tip over the wick.  the melted wax will hold it in place.  

And there you have your finished candle