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So what are we doing and how can you help?

We have been a member of the Australasian Packaging Covenant now for several years.  Since our beginnings in 2004, ACS has always tried to use sustainable packaging before it was even a 'thing'.  We are committed to using only recyclable products


  • Every cardboard box that comes into our warehouse is either reused for packing orders into or is recycled and put into our recycled waste bin. This bin is picked up every week. You as a customer can also reuse any cardboard boxes we send to you, or alternatively they can be placed into the yellow top recycle bin for kerbside collection.
  • All of our 10ml and 25ml glass bottles can also be reused or recycled. These can also go in the yellow top recycle bin.
  • We bottle our fragrances in 100ml and 500ml amber bottles made of PET plastic which can be placed in the yellow top recycle bin. (Please click this link to view what you can recycle)
  • Staff also do their part for recycling at work by using a recycling bin for personal use.
  • All waste cardboard is collected weekly and taken to a recycling facility
  • All waste drums and fragrance drums are collected monthly by a local metal recycling company


  • We have made huge headway with reducing the amount of both consumable and non-recyclable materials we use in the space of a year. We have gone virtually paperless, reducing our paper usage from in excess of 150,000 sheets a year to 30,000 a year and falling
  • With this reduction we have also reduced our usage of ink and printer consumables greatly.
  • All fragrance bottles are made from either glass or PET which is a recycled and recyclable plastic. We are committed to using recyclable materials wherever we are able. All plastic is amber colour or clear allowing for easier recyclability.
  • Our main focus of reduction pertains to single use plastic bags. Every piece of glass we import or every product we import comes in a single use plastic bag for protection. By making a few changes and working closely with our supply chain we have reduced our single use plastic bags down 200,000 already


    • The very month we traded as 'Organic Home' and before we even paid ourselves $1.00 we were giving back. We were blessed with such a wonderful opportunity and have felt from day 1 that it was important for us to honour that opportunity and gift. Our first effort was to sponsor a World Vision child. Our very first sponsor child was only 8 years old when he came to us and we sponsored him through world vision until he became of age and left the program years later. We took on three more children, a little girl from Vietnam, a little boy from Kenya and a little boy from Africa who was only 3 years old when we started sponsoring him. Our little girl was a very sick child and died from her heart condition when she was only 12 years old in 2018. This was devastating for us and a very emotional time. We did not have the chance to meet her but her loss was felt very keenly.
    • Aussie Candle Supplies has also been a very keen supporter of the 'Special Children's Christmas Party' that is held in Perth every year close to Christmas. We have been a supporter of this worthy cause for nearly 10 years. A special day is arranged every year with gifts and rides for eligible children and their families. It is a cause very close to our hearts and one we are proud to be affiliated with.
    • Throughout the year Aussie Candles supports many schools, sporting clubs and other organisations with donations of products and gift cards for their causes.