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Charter of Responsibility

In Australia there are no formal safety standards for the making of candles. Aussie Candle Supplies has taken it upon itself from a moral and professional responsibility to publish a basic Charter of Responsibility that should apply to all candle makers. This charter of responsibility should morally and ethically be taken on board by any person making candles for sale or for use by other persons to ensure the greatest amount of care and protection has been taken for the end consumer.

To ensure your candles are safe to retail you should:

  • Check all glassware/containers thoroughly to ensure no damage or hairline fractures
  • Follow any recommendations on the amount of fragrance/dye to use
  • Test burn candles and keep a diary of burn times and burn characteristics
  • Make sure every combination of candles made are tested to ensure clean, safe burns.
  • If any changes are made to a candle – if the wick size is changed, if the amount of fragrance is changed or if the glass size is changed the candle needs to be tested again.
  • Familiarise yourself with what constitutes a ‘safe’ burning candle
  • Educate yourself and provide education for your customers on safe burning practices
  • Avoid refilling glassware. You cannot be certain how the glass has been treated during cleaning or shipping
  • Provide written safety instructions on all products to prevent damage to property or person

As a manufacturer you have an ethical and moral responsibility to your consumers to ensure all of your products are the safest they can be.