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It is an unfortunate consequence of shipping fragile items via courier and road.

We would prefer it not to happen but you may experience some breakage of glass and products upon delivery of your order.

If you experience this please email us right away with the damage including details of the product and digital photos.
Please Email to us including your name and order number to - info@aussiecandlesupplies.com.au  

We will organise a credit that you can deduct from your next order. We do not charge you insurance on your order however we offer this service as a courtesy regardless of whether you had insurance or not. 

We do not resend glassware! The chances of it becoming broken again in such a small package is nearly always 100%

We do not 'bubblewrap' glassware as the cost we would have to pass on to you as the consumer to cover the cost of materials but also the time to wrap individual pieces of glass would make the glass ridiculously expensive.  We are also trying to move away from the use of plastics in our business. 

As a smart business practice it is a good idea to have a few extra pieces on hand in case you do experience breakages on delivery or you break some yourself during manufacture.