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How to make an Ocean Candle

Posted on May 17, 2024

Make this beautiful, mini ocean candle decorated with wax starfish and shells.
You will need:


1. Melt down 50g of GW 464, we do not need too pay much attention to the temperatures for this step. While this is melting, stick your wick to the Stickum and center it into the jar, you can potentially use two wicks as the jar is 10cm in diameter. Do not add a wick bar yet.

2. Once your wax is melted, pour about 2cm worth into the jar, using a skewer or pipette, add a few drops and swirls of primary blue liquid dye to the melted wax, work quickly so the wax does not begin to solidify. Once you are happy with the amount of colour added, hold the jar on an angle and turn the jar, allowing the wax and the dye to create a marbled effect across the jars sides, you can choose to the let the wax run as high or low as you would like.

3. When the wax is covering all sides of the jar, you can center the wick with your wick bar, let this first outer layer cool and set overnight.

4. Work out how much wax you need to fill your shell moulds, we used the Starfish Mould and the Shells Silicone Mould. Choose your fragrance and colours and make these mini embeds. At the same time you can prepare making your ‘sand’ for the top of the candle. Using a small amount of palm wax, around 50g, pour it into a bag, add in a few drops of yellow liquid dye and massage the colour into the small beads, to make a product that looks similar to sand.

5. Once the blue layer of your ocean candle has set, you can make the main body of the candle. Melt down 350g of wax per the recommend temperatures, let this wax cool about 5 degrees lower than recommended. Add in any fragrance of your choice, we chose Tropical Island Holiday! Carefully pour the wax into the jar, the blue colour on the sides may bleed slightly however it should not cause any negative effect on the overall look. Let this cool.

6. We now have all of our elements ready to assemble our candle. Pour your coloured sand wax across the top of the candle, ensuring it covers the whole top. You can carefully demould your shells and decoratively arrange them around the top of the candle.

7. Your completed candle should now look like a beautiful mini ocean!