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How to make a fruit tart.

Posted on January 30, 2024

Lets create some tasty treats that look good enough to eat! Follow along to learn how to make this sweet fruit tart!

You will need:

Low Sweat Clear Soap

Low Sweat White Soap

Brown Liquid Dye

Red Liquid Dye

Cobalt Blue Mica

Cobalt Violet Mica

Satin Bronze Mica

6 Cavity Round Soap Mould

Fruit Moulds, Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry,

Microwave Safe Jug



  1. Measure out 60g of a white soap of your choice, we chose Low Sweat Soap. Melt in the microwave in short bursts of 30 seconds until the soap is fully melted but not steaming, covering with cling film will keep the moisture in. Mix in 2-3 drops of Brown PC Dye/Mica, this will become our ‘biscuit base’. Pour the mixture into the base of our 6 Cavity Round Soap Mould about a ¼ full, spritz with Isopropyl Alcohol to remove bubbles and let it cool.
  2. Once the base layer is cool and set, we can make our creamy middle layer! Using the same white soap, measure out 80g this time, following the same process of melting down the soap. We want to keep this middle layer mostly white so we will add in a small sprinkle of Satin Bronze Mica to achieve a pale, almost custard like colour! Pour this over the top of our brown base, spritzing with Isopropyl Alcohol to remove any bubbles.
  3. While we are making the base layers of our soap, we can get onto making our toppings! As we are making a Fruit Tart, we will be needing our new fruit moulds; we are using the Strawberry, Blueberry and Raspberry moulds. For our berries we are going to be using an opaque soap too. Measure out enough soap for the amount of berries you want, add in one or two drops of Red PC Dye to the soap and mix it in, pour some of this soap into your strawberry moulds. Add in another few drops of Red PC Dye for the Raspberries to create a darker shade and pour it into the moulds. Finally, add in a small amount of Cobalt Violet Mica into your melted soap to create a gorgeous purple for the blueberries! Set these aside to cool.
  4. Once our bases layers and our toppings are completely set and cooled, we can assemble! Take all the soap out of their moulds, including the base layers for our tart. Place the tart on top of the mould. Melt down 20g of a clear soap base, we used Low Sweat Clear. Mix in a small amount of Cobalt Blue Mica to your soap to achieve a jelly blue colour, this will form our gooey, jelly like sauce on top of our tarts! Don’t pour this layer of soap too hot as we want it slightly thicker, once cooled slightly, you can pour a small amount on top of the tart. Arrange your berries on top of this jelly layer, to ensure they stay stuck. Once you are happy with the arrangement, you can do a second pour of the sauce, letting some of it drip down the sides of the tart and cover some of the berries.
  5. Once cooled, this tart will look and smell almost good enough to eat! You can adapt the fragrances you choose to use, we used Cocoa Therapy for the Base, Vanilla Cheese Cake for the custard layer and Viva Raspberry for the fruit and sauce! You can also substitute the soap for wax if you wished to make a candle or melt, just ensure you use candle liquid dyes instead of mica and PC dye!