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What is the difference between candle wicks?

Posted on May 12, 2016

The main difference between ACS and CDN wicks is the core.

CDN have a paper core whilst the ACS range are purely cotton throughout.

Both ranges of wicks we stock are manufactured in the USA and Germany by top wick manufacturers. These companies are professional and have been manufacturing wicks for many many years. Their quality and experience is paramount in producing a wick that is of the highest quality to ensure the correct burn of your candle.

Both brands of wick work equally well in candles. Some people prefer the pure white look of the ACS brand whilst some prefer how the CDN range burn. Over the years we have used both in our candles. During the testing phase we burn the candles with both a CDN and ACS size of wick. From there we can choose which wick burns that particular fragrance better. Because the ACS range has more wicks, it’s easier to ‘fine tune’ the burn of your candle.

If you find a particular wick is not burning a particular fragrance try the other brand. Some fragrances might be better suited to a paper core wick whilst others may prefer the pure cotton braid. It all comes down to TESTING!