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How to make a milkshake candle with whipped wax!

Posted on October 13, 2023

It truly looks good enough to eat and you'd be surprised just how easy this milkshake candle is to make

Head to our TikTok to see how we made this candle and how to make Whipped Wax.

You will need:

Glass container
GW 464
Brown Liquid Dye
Milkshake Boardwalk Fragrance
Buttercream Vanilla Fragrance
Cappuccino Dye Block
Measuring Cup
Stirring Rod/Spoon

  1. Using the wick of your choice, stick the wick to a stickum. We have used an ACS 7.7 in a milkshake glass with a 19mm Stickum. Thread the wick through an empty biro for easy centering! Keep the wick sturdy with a wick bar holder.
  2. Melt a small amount of GW 464 Wax, depending on the size of your jar. We used 50gm. Once it has reached temperature add in a few drops of brown liquid dye to achieved a dark chocolate colour, let the wax cool and slightly thicken. Holding the jar in one hand, rotate the jar as you pour the wax down the sides to make a chocolate drip! The colour can be adapted for different ‘flavour’ milkshakes! Leave a little wax to the side and let this cool.
  3. While your chocolate drip is setting, melt down enough wax to fill your jar around ¾ full. (This should be done before you begin making your candle and can be done by filling your jar to the level you would like with water. Once you have the quantity in mL, multiply this by 0.83 to work out how much dry wax you need to melt down.) Once this is heated to 80 degrees, add in 8-10% Milkshake Boardwalk and a drop or two of brown liquid dye to get a lovely light chocolate colour.
  4. Pour this wax into your jar up to the ¾ line, the drips on the inside walls of the jars may soften and mix in however this can be fixed! Either leave these drips a little longer to dry OR take a skewer or stirring rod, dip the end into your liquid dye, then add into the hot wax in the jar, swirling it around the walls of the jars will give a similar chocolate syrup appearance.
  5. Leave the candle to set overnight. In the meantime, using whatever moulds you would like, make some embeds to sit on top of the candle.  You can check out our new range of 'food' moulds here
  6. Now we get onto the fun bit! Making our whipped wax. There are many different ways this can be done, however the following method is the simplest way we have found! Melt down some wax, we used around 200gms. Melt the wax until it is just melted, no need to heat it to 80 degrees! Add in 8% Buttercream Vanilla for a fresh creamy note! Continually stir the wax as it begins to harden. You can use a fork, spoon or stirring rod. Keep stirring the wax until it gradually thickens like whipping cream. As the wax thickens, you can begin to mix a little harder to really whip the wax. Once the wax is thickened to your liking, you can either spoon small amounts onto your candle or put the wax into a piping bag, however you will need to work fast! Demould your embeds and add them to your candle while the whipped wax is still soft, so it can harden around the embeds and keep them sturdy.
  7. Once your whole candle has set, both the main body of the candle and the wax, you can remelt some of your left over wax from the drip and pour a small amount over the ‘cream’ and embeds or shave some Cappuccino Dye block and sprinkle over the candle!
  8. Trim the wick and voila! your scrumptious milkshake candle is complete!