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What is Lye?

Posted on August 02, 2022

Lye, or caustic soda, is a highly toxic substance used in soap making to promote the process of saponification.  

Don't be alarmed at the 'highly toxic' label however, as during the saponification process, all traces of lye disappear.  Lye however, is toxic to handle, especially inhaling, so in order to fully protect our staff, we do not offer this product for sale on our website.

Lye is also classed as a 'dangerous good' for transporting purposes, so even if we did sell it for soap making, the added charges for transporting this product safely is not worth the time or effort.

Lye is readily available from all good hardware stores and supermarkets, including Bunnings, though make sure it is pure caustic soda and not 'drain cleaner' that contains caustic soda and other ingredients.