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Wooden Wicks

Posted on July 29, 2022

We are asked about wooden wicks on a daily basis and if we are not asked, then it's a very popular search term.

You wont find wooden wicks on our website for a very good reason.  

We used to offer wooden wicks many, many years ago, however the stress and frustration is used to cause not only our staff, but our customers, forced us to make the decision to drop them as a product.

Wooden wicks are extremely problematic.  They are very difficult to perfect and find that perfect burn.  And if you do manage to find the perfect size, keeping them alight is another challenge.

When we did sell them, we would literally receive 10 phone calls and emails a day with complaints and questions from customers on how to make them work.

At Aussie Candle Supplies, we only stock quality.  If a product does not work the way it should or does not look the way it should we discontinue it, regardless of the revenue it would have created.  If we cannot offer a high quality product then we will not offer it at all.

We prefer to use CDN or ACS wicks.  They are much easier to use and provide a greater range of sizes to find that perfect burn.