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How to make a plain, white sand candle.

Posted on May 22, 2023

'Sand' Candles have been around for many years and have to be one of the easiest forms of candles to make.
These candles are not made from 'sand' but from palm wax, due to the wax granules looking very much like sand.
Sand candles are a great craft activity to do with kids as you do not need to melt the wax and expose children to the dangers of heat and hot wax.
They are also perfect for event and wedding planners due to their cost efficiency, ease of set up and reusability.
What you need:
Step1:  Pour your palm wax into your suitable container. Remember whatever container you choose still needs to be heat proof. 
Step 2:  Cut your wicks to whatever size you think you might need. Sand candles burn quicker than normal candle, so you might want to do a test burn first if creating them for an event. Alternatively, you can use full size wicks with a wick tab and place them in the jar first before pouring in the palm wax.
Step 3:  After lighting and burning your candle, simply extinguish the flame, allow the candle to cool and the melt pool to harden, then scoop out the hardened wax and dispose of into the bin. The leftover granules can be poured back into the bag ready to reuse for the next event.