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What is the difference between fragrances and essential oils?

Posted on Oct 10, 2016

Essential oils are plant based and entirely derived of natural plant matter. Unless mixed with other carriers they are 100% natural.

Fragrances are synthetic and in most cases are blended with essential oils. They are not 100% natural and are man made. Both can be used in candles but like some fragrances, some essential oils will affect how your candle sets and burns so testing is essential.

All ACS fragrances are sourced from the USA. WHY?

They are best! We work closely with one of the USA’s leading fragrance manufacturer who supplies some of the best known brands of candle manufacturers. Our manufacturer has a huge team of scientists, specialists, perfumers and chemists who work specifically on the creation and production of top quality fragrances. We only sell the best quality and therefore will only work with the best quality. Our manufacturer has been around for over 40 years and has a fantastic reputation in the US.

The USA has also some of the toughest, strictest quality control and ingredient regulations in the world: to the point where the rest of the world looks to the state of California for guidelines. Our manufacturer complies with the Californian standards for fragrances so you are safe in the knowledge no ingredient is used that has not been passed and certified first.

Australia is self regulated. We do not have to follow any stringent guidelines as to what can be added to a fragrance or if it needs to follow any safety standards. Australian fragrances do not have IFRA certificates and are not tested by any regulatory bodies. You don’t know who is manufacturing, just how much knowledge they have or just how safe their products are. Some fragrances made in Australia contain ingredients that have been banned in the US.