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Instructions for your Large Candle Making Kit

Posted on February 15, 2016


Your kit contains:

1 x Aluminium Pouring pot 
10 x Clear Small Monaco jars
10 x Clear Medium Monaco jars
10 x Acs 3.0 tea light wicks
20 x Cdn 3 tealight wicks
20 x Clear Polycarbonate Tea Light Cups
10 x CDN 6 wicks
10 x ACS 6.7
4 x 100ml Fragrances (your choice)
10 x Assorted dye blocks (your choice)
1 x Golden Brands GW 464 container soy 5kg
20 x Small warning labels 
20 x Aussie Stickums
1 x Glass thermometer
5 x Wick bar holders

The following instructions can be applied to any jar or tea light you want to use. To start using your candle kit decide what you want to make first and place the jar or tea light on a clean surface protected from spillages.

To begin the instructions we will start with a medium Monaco jar.

Take one of your ACS 6.7 wicks and place an aussie stickum to the bottom of the wick tab by peeling off one side of the paper and placing the sticky end on to the tab. Peel off the other side of the paper. Holding your wick at the half way point place the wick in the centre of your jar and press the tab down firmly to attach the wick to the centre of the glass.

Take a wick bar holder and feed the wick up through the centre of the hole. Rest the wick bar holder on the edges of the jar and pull the wick gently but firmly into the ‘notch’ on the wick bar holder. This will stop the wick from moving and will keep it centred. You may need to adjust the wick holder from side to side slightly to make sure the wick is centred.

On the stove fill a wide mouth pot half way with water and set to boil. This will form the double boiler that you will use to melt the wax.

Place your aluminium pouring pot on some kitchen scales and measure out 165gms of soy wax. (This is the amount we suggest on our website under the medium Monaco glass jar)

Place your aluminium pot inside the pot on the stove and your wax will start to melt. You may need to adjust the heat to keep the water at a simmer. As the wax is melting place the thermometer inside the pouring pot using the clip to keep it fastened to the top of the pot.

As the wax is melting take one of your dye blocks and using some scissors or a knife, scrape some shavings into the wax. You may need a fair amount to start to colour the wax but remember the more you shave in, the darker your candle will become.

Stir the wax and shavings carefully dissolving the dye block shavings. To check the colour, drop some melted wax on a white surface and wait for it to dry. If you want a darker colour add more shavings.

Continue heating the wax up to 80 degrees Celsius. Once reached, turn the heat off and measure out your fragrance.

For instructional purposes we will measure out 8% which equates to 13mls. This is 8% of 165gms of wax.

Pour your fragrance into your melted wax and stir carefully making sure everything is combined. Let your wax now cool down to about 65-70 degrees.

Once cooled sufficiently gently pour the wax into your prepared jar. Leave until the candle has cooled down and become solid.

Remove the wick bar holder. Let the candle cure for at least 24 hours before burning.

If you intend to sell your candles or give them away stick a warning label under the jar.

The instructions are the same for all items in your kit. The only difference being the size of wick you use and the amount of wax and fragrance you need to measure out.

If you are making more than one candle with the same fragrance then add all of the ingredient amounts together. Keep a calculator handy and a pen and paper.

To make all of the items in your kit we have listed which items go together below.

  • Monaco medium jar
  • ACS 6.7 wick
  • 165 gms wax
  • 13mls fragrance (8%) see the help and learning section on the website under fragrance load to work out the percentage if you want to increase the load
  • Monaco small jar
  • CDN 6 Wick
  • 55 gms wax
  • 4.5 mls fragrance (8%)
  • Spa cups 
  • ACS 3.0 tea light wick
  • 65 gms wax
  • 5 mls fragrance (8%)
  • Polycarbonate tea light
  • CDN 3 tea light wick
  • 30 gms wax
  • 2.5 mls fragrance (8%)