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How to make a reed diffuser.

Posted on September 19, 2022

Making a reed diffuser has got to be one of the easiest products to make to add to your brand.

Follow these 5 simples steps below to create your own personalised reed diffuser.

  1. Choose your container.  We have many different styles of reed jars to choose from
  2. Choose your reed sticks.  You can choose from traditional 'natural' rattan sticks in several different sizes, to black or white fibre sticks or even sola flowers.
  3. Next you will need to decide on a fragrance.  All of our fragrances are compatible with our reed base
  4. Once you have those three items then you are ready to assemble your reed diffuser.  We recommend starting with a 75/25 ratio of reed diffuser base and fragrance oil.  Simply work out what 75% of your capacity of your reed glass is and pour this amount of reed base into a jug.  For example: our square reed diffuser glass holds 140ml.  75% of this capacity is 105 ml.
  5. Next work out what 25% of this capacity is or minus the 105 ml away from the original capacity of 140ml and that will give you 35ml which is the amount of fragrance.  Pour this into your reed base in your jug and mix thoroughly.
  6. Pour your mix into your chosen reed bottle, add your reeds and there you have it.  If you are transporting your reed diffuser as a product you will need to choose a glass that has a screw top.  If it doesn't then you can always add your pre-mixture into a sealed 100ml amber bottle (or whatever size is suitable) for your customer to pour into their reed diffuser when they get it.
TIP: If you find your diffuser does not smell as strong as you would like then try playing around with the base to fragrance ratios.  Just like candles, some fragrances are going to throw better or stronger than others as some are more subtle than others.