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5 Cavity Chocolate Snap Clamshell

Our 5 Cavity Chocolate Snap Clamshell size and shape with thicker plastic. An easy, no fuss way to make melts. Simply pour ouSoyaLuna Melt/Pillar Soy Wax or Tart wax or GW 464 (at a low temperature below 50 degrees) into the clear plastic container for instant packaging.  Snap off one rectangle and place in your oil burner.

Holds approx. 45 gm - 50 gm

Tray Dimensions:
Length (including lid): 140mm
Width: 66mm
Height: 15mm

Individual Cavity Dimensions:
Length: 107mm
Diameter: 47mm
Height: 14mm


Fully recyclable  and environmentally friendly. Made from PET material

 A lot of our product packaging can be recycled.  Please click here to find out what and how waste can be recycled.