SoyaLuna Melt/Pillar Soy Wax

SoyaLuna Melt/Pillar Soy Wax

SoyaLuna soy wax blend, has been developed for the usage in the production of melts, votives and pillar candles.  Easy to use and professional grade, this soy wax is biodegradable and vegan friendly.

No animal products are used in the manufacturing of this wax and no testing on animals has been carried out during the manufacturing process.

Under optimal pour conditions, minimal to zero frosting can be achieved. Excellent hot and cold throw with minimal mushrooming. A one pour wax, this wax is easily demoulded.  Suitable for Pillar candles, clam shell melts and metal moulds.
This wax does not require the addition of any other additives
Is formaldehyde free, natural, not organic, not food grade

Soyaluna waxes have been developed over many years through hands on experience in working with high quality brands sold throughout the world.

Although we would love to have a 100% soy only wax, we have learnt that in order to get the best balance of performance, ease of use and a consistent burn experience for the user, it is necessary to add other ingredients to the soy to achieve this. Paraffin is one of those special ingredients we use to help improve the overall performance of fragrance oils, avoid frosting, reduce wick mushrooming and help create our superior smooth appearance on cooling and after burning.

Our blends have been formulated to enhance all of the key features of a quality product, whilst reducing the difficulties along the journey of creating to finally using.

Soyaluna is an excellent choice for the artisan candle maker who is looking for a great performing wax, that is easy to use and can enjoy the benefits from its majority soy content.

Pour Temp: 65-75 C
Melt Point: 50-58 C
FO Load: 6%-10%

Seasonal changes may require different pour temperatures. Wax may have visible condensate in both the flake and melted wax due to the manufacturing process and storage. This may affect the setting of candles. It is advised to air our wax thoroughly before use. This can occur on all waxes.

NOTE: Personal testing is required. We accept no responsibility for the performance or outcomes from the use of this product

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

This WAX is amazing to work with, the scent throw is remarkable and the end product is perfect

Rudina P.
SoyaLuna Melt/Pillar Soy Wax

Beautiful wax I love so much thank you

teagan L.
Im in love!

This wax is beautiful! Ive had no problems with frosting & it is so soft. My new Go-To for pillars!

laura c.
Soyluna pillar wax

This wax is easy to use and I find it great.

Can be used for pillars and melts. Perfect outside look on the pillar candles as well. Will be using this more and want to try the lunasoy candle container mix next.

Tes F.
Just Wow!

Fantastic! Easy to work with, a beautiful finish and strength for the Earth Mother 2 piece mould.
CT 6/10 HT 9/10 No frosting ✔️
Heated to 85, added colour then fragrance and poured 70-75.