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Candle Making - Where to start

Posted on May 01, 2019

The best place to start if you want to make soy candles is with a candle making kit . We’ve done a lot of the work for you already and given you the basics to start you off to get your confidence up.

If you want to start out on your own then start with a jar. Once you have chosen a size and shape of jar, we tell you some information about that jar including what wick size to start with.  This recommendation gives you a starting place to test burn your candles from. You can then go to the wick page and select the wick we recommend to start with.  For information regarding the differences between the two wicks please read the header at the top of the wicks page.
If you want to use a jar you already have, measure the diameter of the jar at it’s widest point then find something similar on our website.  From here you can work out a wick size to use

If you are a beginner we recommend starting with GW 464 soy wax as it is the easiest and in our opinion the best wax to use.  It is completely natural.  We give approximations on our jars about how much wax they take, so calculate how many jars you are getting by the amount of wax it takes, to work out roughly how much soy wax you need.  It’s always better to be over than under.

If you would like to fragrance your candles work out if you want fragrances or essential oils.  Our fragrances are candle specific and pure and with 200 to choose from there is something for everyone.  Fragrances usually throw (smell strong while burning)  stronger than essential oils as they are made of both synthetic and essential oils so can be manipulated.  Essential oils are purely natural and may not have that strong throw.
To work out how much fragrance you are going to need per candle read our information under the help section on how to make candles. It is better to buy 10mls of fragrance just to have a smell to decide if you like it before buying larger quantities.

The easiest method of dyeing your candles is to use solid colour dye blocks.  To achieve the desired colour just shave a small amount into your melted wax and stir thoroughly.  One block will dye a lot of wax as they are very concentrated.

To melt your soy wax either purchase a pouring pot to use as a double boiler or use 2 saucepans you have at home.  You melt the wax as you would chocolate.  Do not put the pouring pot directly on the heat as you will burn the wax.
It is also important to pour your wax at the correct temperature so get a thermometer. 

Once you have everything set up to go to ‘ how to make a soy candle’.

These instructions are basic and will get the process of making candles started for you.  After you have made your first batch of candles the learning really starts.  We have a wealth of information on our website under the help section to guide you with any problems you might be having.