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Candle Fragrance manufacturer in focus

Posted on January 31, 2018

A candle isn’t much of a candle if it doesn’t smell!  The first thing anyone does when they pick up a candle is smell it!  A candle fragrance is a very important part of your product so you should never compromise on quality.

Today’s article is a little focus on one of our long term candle fragrance manufacturing partners.

Established over 250 years ago in France,  this family owned business has become one of the major leaders in the fragrance industry.  With 4 different manufacturing plants all over the world and over 150 employees, they are true experts.

So what really goes into making a candle fragrance?

R & D or Research and Development – These laboratories consist of chemists and technicians who develop and validate perfumes and home fragrance products including candle fragrances. They focus on compatibility and stability characteristics with certain bases,  olfactory performance characteristics and study perfumes for new applications.

Creation – 14 perfumers world wide research cultural, technical and market trends. They create new and exciting fragrances for different applications.

Evaluation – Each fragrance undergoes strict evaluation.  They are evaluated and tested for use on the skin, olfactory, textiles and  flooring etc.

Marketing – Three major marketing departments around the world constantly analyse market developments, engage in specific studies and proposals and analyse trends and sources of inspiration to anticipate consumer needs.

Regulatory – For us this is the most important department.  Each fragrance produced undergoes thorough testing to ensure they meet strict quality standards relating to health, the environment, safety, and raw materials used.  They hold specific expertise and certificates in the areas of safe fragrances for babies and dermo cosmetics, certificates in organics and also ecological fragrances.

Production – With 4 large high performance manufacturing facilities around the world, this supplier is definitely competitive and modern with certifications from every major organic and health body in all major countries of the world, including FDA, COSMOS and ECOCERT.

Analysis and Control – Production is not the last stop on this fragrance journey.  With a strict quality policy, this department ensures each perfume and fragrance is traceable and reproducible.  All raw materials are constantly analysed and reviewed using the latest technical equipment including refractometers, flash point and densimeters.

Quality manufacturing of fragrances is not simply a case of finding a chemist and slapping together a few ingredients.  You can’t beat over 250 years of experience or a team of 150 people.  That’s why we choose to use candle fragrances made from overseas experts. Our candle fragrances are hands down the best quality on the market – as voted by you!