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Square polygon Silicone Mould

Made from 100% food grade silicone, FDA Approved
Heat rated to -40 to 230 degrees celsius.

Height: 80mm
Width: 102mm

Height: 60mm
Width: 75mm

Holds approx: 210gms ea

Try our SoyaLuna Melt/Pillar Soy Wax with this mould!

Wick suggestions: We do not have wick suggestions. This is your responsibility based on your own testing and choice of wax.

NOTE: Although can be used for candles, moulds do not have holes for wicks. These need to be made using a medium size sharp needle. Silicone is very pliable and will stretch out to accommodate the wick. We kept our wick tab on and pushed it into the bottom of the wax as it was drying.
Hand wash only to retain shape