ACS 2.5 Tealight Wick

ACS 2.5 Tealight Wick

Our ACS range of wicks are a flat braid, textile grade cotton wick, specifically designed for natural waxes, soy and palm.  They are coated in a high melt wick wax for added stability. The ACS range is specifically manufactured to 'self trim'.  The design allows the tip to bend into the hottest part of the flame, contributing to a cleaner burning candle. This professional range of wicks is available in 19 sizes with smaller increments between each size wick, allowing you to perfect your burn.

Lead Free

Cruelty Free

Wick tab size: 15mm x 3mm

ACS 2.5 are designed for tea lights with less mushrooming and a larger flame - each wick is around 33mm.

Try this wick in our Polycarbonate Tealights

As with all wicks, testing is required to confirm suitability. Every wick, fragrance and dye combination will affect the burn of your candle.  Our suggestions are a starting point for your testing only.

 * Please recycle the bag that the product arrives in -

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Lyn M.

I find these to be a good all round wick for the regular polycarbonate t-lites.

The perfect wick for a standard tealight

These wicks are perfect for tealights - no matter what fragrance or dye is used. I love them. So easy to use and never any problems with soy wax.

Colleen W.
Great Tea Light Wick

I have tested a few and found the ACS 2.5 tea light wick to be the best performer with soy wax (I use Golden 464). No smoking. Proper burn time. Works equally as well with scented or unscented wax.