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100ml Matt Black Jar (no lid)

Matt Black glass jar, sold without the lid in order for you to be able to choose from our range of suitable lids:

Matt Black Aluminium Lid - 
Black Aluminium Lid -
Gold Aluminium Lid -
Silver Aluminium Lid -

1 =  $2.15 each
12 = $1.65 each
48 = $1.45 each

Height with Neck: 64mm
Height without Neck: 52mm
Diameter: 61mm
Neck Diameter: 56mm

Wick Suggestions:
GW 464
CDN: 10
ACS: 5.0

SoyaLuna Wax:
CDN: 7
ACS: 4.0

Volume: 100ml (Approx.)

Note: It is your responsibility to check volume for yourself

This jar can be used for candle making, bath salts, creams or lotions. 

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