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Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping is calculated automatically when you register your details on the website and add products to your cart. Shipping is calculated via your postcode and weight of your goods. Freight prices are set by the freight companies and we do not have anything to do with them.

Shipping prices are calculated by the freight companies themselves so we cannot offer discounts on shipping.

There is no such thing as 'free freight'. This is a popular marketing ploy to get you to spend. If you compare product prices you can see very clearly the shipping prices are built into the product pricing. No company can stay profitable and operational if they absorb freight costs.

We are wholesale to the public and offer our wholesale prices under the bulk and carton quantities. We have the best pricing in the country and believe 'discounts' should be offered all day every day in the set prices, not as specials or for 'special people'.

Please make sure upon delivery of your order that you open every box and unpack it thoroughly to check off your order. We pack our orders into various boxes, including empty wax boxes, so just because it says 'wax' on the outside doesn't mean it is wax on the inside. Fragrances and small products can also be wrapped amongst the brown fill paper, put inside a full wax cartons or inside jars if you have ordered only a small amount. If you have checked all of your boxes, paper fill and underneath wax etc and still cannot find a specific product, please email the office with the order details and what is missing and the office staff will assist you.

You do not need an ABN to shop with us. We are wholesale to the public. Our prices are extremely sharp and we offer the best pricing in the country with discounts already a part of our product pricing. Why pay more just to get a discount when you can pay less all day every day?

Since covid 19 we no longer offer candle classes for the safety and health of staff and customers. We offer a wealth of information on our site, including a comprehensive 'help section' and wonderful videos on candle making plus other activities including soap making, reed diffusers and bath bombs. Please check out our YouTube channel for the full range of videos. If you wish to still participate in a class, do careful research, as not everyone who runs classes is knowledgable or experienced enough to offer classes.

We sold wooden wicks many years ago, however due to their quality and problematic nature we decided to drop them from our product list. Wooden wicks are hard to light, keep alight and very frustrating to work with. They require much more work than simple cotton braid wicks and 80% of customers could not get them to work. We preferCDN cotton wicks or our ACS range

Burn time is very dependant on the wax, wick size, fragrance, colour and size of the jar used. It is not something that can be accurately guessed. Burn time is an important part of your test burning, so a diary should be kept during the test burn to calculate the burn times. If you have not correctly test burnt your jar and have the correct knowledge of how it performs or how long it burns for, you run the risk of an upset customer asking for money back as it does not perform or last as long as you stated.

As we carry hundreds of fragrances, we sometimes need to cull our list. This is usually determined by sales. If a fragrance is simply not selling then we discontinue it. If this fragrance happens to be a best seller for you, please talk to our friendly office staff, as if you are willing to purchase a minimum of 25lbs, it can be ordered in specially for you. We do not generally 'rename' a fragrance but discontinue it.

Our wicks are made of high quality materials however the cotton used is not organic.

In a nut shell, the CDN range have a paper core and are brownish in colour. The ACS are pure cotton and are pure white in colour. BOth are equally as good as each other and we use a combination of both in our own candle making. Please click this linkfor more information in our blog.

No, we do not sell wick on a roll, all of our wicks are pre-tabbed

The showroom is just that, a showroom. If you would like to purchase a particular fragrance or products, please use the website to do so, as we are unable to advise which products are in stock in the showroom. You can place the order for warehouse collection or delivery.