Peony Rose Sola Flower

Peony Rose Sola Flower

These gorgeous handmade sola flowers are exquisite and make such a lovely statement. Each flower is carefully handmade using rice paper with a thick cotton wick on the end. Place the sola flower in one of our many reed jars accompanied with your favourite fragrance, or place the flower in our special Tuscany Sola diffuser jar. The fragrant reed base wicks up through the cotton and into the petals of the flowers.

Each flower is pre-packaged in a clear PVC box.
PVC Box Dimensions:
Length: 90mm
Width: 88mm
Height: 50mm
*Please note dimensions are approximate

Sola flowers need to be handled with care as they are fragile

For a difference place very small drops of dye on the petals and watch the dye spread and colour the flower as the reed base is wicked up and dispersed. Creates beautiful effects.

Approx. 80mm (Flower)
Approx. 120mm (Wick)
*Please note these dimensions are approximate. Sizing may vary in size as flowers are handmade

Try this Solar Flower with our: 
Tuscany Sola Clear Diffuser Jar
Tuscany Sola Frosted Diffuser Jar

See our Tuscany Sola Matt White Box packaging option!

Please note: Petals are fragile and may have a few small tears
Flowers will start to disintegrate after a period of time

Customer Reviews

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Rudina P.
Peony Rose Sola Flower

Beautiful I love it ❤


Lovely flower for the diffusers

Leanne W.

I love the Peony Solar Flower

Bridget L.
Peony Diffuser Flower

Omg I love that these come in their own acetate box and look so perfect. I am in love.

Maree A.
First time using these

I wasn't sure about these flowers as I haven't had a lot to do with the sola flowers before. But, WOW, these are beautiful flowers and I've ordered some more already.