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Glitter Turquoise Mica

We do not recommend using mica or glitter in candles

Our beautiful range of glitter micas are cosmetic grade and suitable for soaps, cosmetics, nail polish and body products.
Not suitable for lips.
.008 hex size

Our range of micas are cosmetic grade and can be used for eyeshadows, nails, soaps and cosmetic products.
Made of mica platelets coated with titanium dioxide, our colours are free of solvents and heavy metals. They comply to EU, US, Japanese regulations for cosmetics and are approved by FDA.
Cosmetic grade Mica is used to add pearlescent sheen, metallic shimmer or iridescence to cosmetics, bath & body products and many more. Mica has a high effective quality and is prized for it's shimmery pearlescent sheen.

NOTE: Always do a patch test before using any cosmetic product to ascertain suitability for your skin.