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French Pink Clay

French Pink Clay is a combination of red and white clays. Rich in minerals and trace elements, pink clay is perfect for skin prone to redness and blemishes.  It soothes and restores the balance of the epidermis giving the skin a soft glow.

For dry and flaking skin, pink clay soothes irritation and inflammation without removing the skin's natural oils.

French pink clay is commonly used in facial masks and face cream formulations.

Country of Origin: France

NOTE: Always do a test patch to determine skin sensitivity before use.  Pink clay can leave your face red as it draws impurities and blood flow to the surface.  This should fade within half an hour or so.  It should not be painful.  If your skin becomes itchy or feels like it is burning discontinue use.

NOTE: Always do a patch test before using any cosmetic product to ascertain suitability for your skin.