Cupola Jar Tiffany Blue

Cupola Jar Tiffany Blue

Stunning, pretty, textured!
Our popular Tiffany Blue cupola jar is set to turn heads. 
Aptly named, our Cupola jars have a domed cover with a pointed spire.
Our Cupola Jars have a 3D Diamond texture covering the jar.

1 = $3.80 ea
12 = $3.40 ea
36 = $3.15 ea

Aussie Candle Supplies does not recommend double wicking any glassware with a diameter of 10cm or less. 

Dimensions: H15 x D9.6 (with cover and outside diameter)
H8.1 x D8.6 (without cover and inside diameter)
PLEASE NOTE: The dome is a cover and sits loosely on top. It will fall off if tipped over!
Holds: 315 gms of wax or 290gms + fragrance
Wick Suggestion: CDN 20 or ACS 8.5/9.0

 Please note this batch is quite green in colour

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