Cupola Jar Rose Gold

Cupola Jar Rose Gold

Stunning, pretty, textured!
Our modern Rose Gold Cupola jar is set to turn heads. Beautifully finished in the popular Rose gold colour, both inside and out for that higher level of quality
Aptly named, our Cupola jars have a domed cover with a pointed spire.
Our Cupola Jars have a 3D Diamond texture covering the jar.

Note: rose gold colouring can vary greatly from shipment to shipment

1 = $4.20 ea
12 = $3.80 ea
36 = $3.63 ea
Dimensions: H15 x D9.6 (with cover and outside diameter)
H8.1 x D8.6 (without cover and inside diameter)
PLEASE NOTE: The dome is a cover and sits loosely on top. It will fall off if tipped over! Colour has changed and is a darker more pink rose gold
Holds: 315 gms of wax or 290gms + fragrance
Wick Suggestion: CDN 20 or ACS 8.5/9.0


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