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Glow in the Dark Blue-Green

We do not recommend using mica or glitter in candles

Add some pop and fun to your soaps, bath bombs, candle melts and crafty projects with our Glow in the Dark pigments.
Our range of GITD micas  can be used for overdipping wax, soaps, bath bombs, nail art, body paint and other craft products.
Our colours are free of solvents and heavy metals. They comply to EU, US, Japanese regulations for cosmetics and are approved by FDA.
Glow in the Dark pigments do not require UV lighting to activate and will glow for hours.
No animal testing
Particle Size: 12-15 um                                                                                              Ingredients: Zinc Sulfide (1314-98-3)

Not cosmetic grade.  Not recommend for lips, eyes or makeup or candles