Candle Making Kit - Large

Candle Making Kit - Large

Your candle making kit contains:

1 x Aluminium Pouring pot
10 x Clear Cambridge jars
10 x Monaco White Small jars
20 x CDN 3 tealight wicks
20 x Clear Polycarbonate Tea Light Cups
10 x CDN 6 wicks
10 x CDN 16 wicks
4 x 100ml Fragrances (your choice)
10 x Assorted dye blocks (your choice)
1 x Golden Wax GW464 5kg
20 x Small warning labels
20 x Aussie Stickums
1 x Glass thermometer
5 x Wick bar holders

*Please note that the Picture is for illustration purposes only and lids may or may not be included dependent upon glassware availability* Glassware/tealights may change at anytime and may be different than what is stated on the website/instructions

Full instructions included See video below

Please also note: Wicks are only a starting point. You may have to increase the size next time depending on how the candle burns with your fragrance and dye choices.

Candle Making FAQ

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