Cambridge White Tumbler

Cambridge White Tumbler

A beautiful, large white seamless tumbler. The white Cambridge tumbler is a thick walled glass that has no seam to spoil the brilliance and clarity of this glass. The white coating allows your candle to burn with the most beautiful glow which looks spectacular at night. A definite show piece for anyone's home.

1 = $2.70 ea
12 = $2.00 ea
36 = $1.80 ea

Aussie Candle Supplies does not recommend double wicking any glassware with a diameter of 10cm or less. 

Top Diameter: 84mm

Bottom Diameter: 79mm
Height: 99mm
Wick suggestion to start: CDN 16/18 ACS 7.5/7.7
Holds 300gms wax approx or 270gms of wax + fragrance
Note: Colour on jars can and will vary from batch to batch