Cajeput Essential Oil

Cajeput Essential Oil

The name “Cajeput” is derived from its Indonesian name, “Kayu Putih” or "White Wood". The trees have a grey-white papery bark and gorgeous white, pink and purple flowers. 

Cajeput shares a wide range of properties with Eucalyptus and Tea Tree (they are both in the same genus, Melaleuca) in natural composition and aroma. Native to Australia and Asia, Cajeput essential oil is extracted from the leaves of 50-100 foot evergreen trees using steam distillation.

Cajeput Essential Oil is a must-have oil to keep on hand for cold and flu season, especially for use in the diffuser as well as also possessing anti fungal properties. 

Cajeput (Melaleuca leucadendron) is a relative to Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia). Aromatically, Cajeput Essential Oil is quite campherous but possesses a fresh, uplifting, fruity quality.

Botanical Name - Melaleuca leucadendron/ Melaleuca cajuputi

Colour - Clear with a Yellow Tinge

Consistency - Thin

Perfumery Note - Middle

Strength of Initial Aroma - Medium

Aromatic Description - Cajeput Essential Oil smells fresh and campherous with a slightly fruity characteristic.

Cajeput Essential Oil Uses

  • Asthma, Bronchitis, Coughs, Muscle Aches, Oily Skin, Rheumatism, Sinusitis, Sore Throat & spots

    Never apply directly onto the skin, always use a carrier oil or in safe percentages when mixing into body lotions and creams.


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