Bath Bomb Kit

Bath Bomb Kit

No need to measure out your ingredients as your kit has everything measured for you.

No other ingredients required to make these wonderful fizzy bath bombs.  Easy and simple to make with step by step instructions.

The kit includes:
Citric Acid
Sodium Bicarbonate
Deodorised Cocoa Butter
1 x 25ml Fragrance oil (your choice)
Polysorbate 80
1 x 20gm mica (your choice)
1 x large stainless steel bath bomb (76mm)
1 x small stainless steel bath bomb (55mm)
1 x bath bomb tongs


Makes approximately 5 large bath bombs and 5 small bath bombs.

Customer Reviews

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Erika T.
Bath Bomb kit

Makes a great bath bomb. Love that you can choose fragrance and colour. The still work out to be about $5 each, slightly cheaper than buying. Good fun though.

Hayley D.
Thumbs up

Awesome bath bomb kit !! Easy to read step by step instructions, has everything that you could ask for in a bath bomb kit. It was so convenient for my 6yr old daughter which fitted in so well with her needs.

Pratima k.

I bought bathbomb kit but I haven’t got instructions that how much I have to mix the ingredients,, the kits hasn’t got corn starch and light oil and don’t know how to follow the step and I found one video ausiee candle one for bathbomb one but it’s shows with corn starch and oil one but I got kits those doesn’t have corn starch and oil…?? I really need instructions to follow correct amount of ingredients and step plz