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Tart Melt Kit Instructions


Your kit contains:

1 x Aluminium Pouring pot
1 x Glass Thermometer
1kg Tart wax
5 x Clamshells
5 x Round clamshells
10 x Tart moulds
3 x 60ml measuring cup
5 x 25ml fragrances
5 x dye blocks

The following instructions can be applied to any tart melt you want to use.

To begin the instructions we need to work out how much wax to melt. This depends on what combination of melts you are going to use.

1 x clamshell holds 55-70gms (depending on how full you fill it)
1 x round clamshell holds 35gms (each side)
1 x tart mould holds 25gms

We will make 1 x clamshell 1 x round clamshell and 2 x tart moulds totaling 205gms.

Place your aluminium pouring pot on some kitchen scales and measure out 205gms of tart wax.

Place your aluminium pot inside a pot with 1/3 of water on the stove and your wax will start to melt. You may need to adjust the heat to keep the water at a simmer.

As the wax is melting place the thermometer inside the pouring pot using the clip to keep it fastened to the top of the pot.

As the wax is melting take one of your dye blocks and using some scissors or a knife, scrape some shavings into the wax. You may need a fair amount to start to colour the wax but remember the more you shave in, the darker your melt will become. Stir the wax carefully dissolving the dye block shavings.
To check the colour, drop some melted wax on a white surface and wait for it to dry. If you want a darker colour add more shavings.
Continue heating the wax up to 80 degrees celsius. Once reached, turn the heat off and measure out your fragrance. Unlike candles , melts can hold more fragrance as you don’t need to worry about a wick. For instructional purposes we will measure out 12% of fragrance which equates to 25 mls. This is 12% of 205gms of wax.

Pour your fragrance into your melted wax and stir carefully making sure everything is combined.

Let your wax now cool down to about 65-70 degrees. Once cooled sufficiently gently pour the wax into your tart melt moulds. Try and fill as close to
the top as possible. When pouring the metal tart moulds keep pouring until you see the wax just reach the edge and form a convex top. (This requires a little bit of practice to get it full without spilling over so make sure you are working on a protected surface).
Fill the 6 block clamshell last.

Leave until your melts have cooled down and become solid. Close the lid on the clam shells and label as necessary.

To remove the tart melts gently squeeze the metal mould and they should pop right out.

You may get what is called ‘frosting’ on your melts but this is nothing to worry about. Frosting is a natural side effect of 100% pure natural soy. To minimize it try playing around with hotter or cooler pour temperatures and never leave your melts or candles out overnight where the

temperature drops from one extreme to another. Soy hates to be cold!