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Soap Making Kit Instructions


Instructions for melt and pour soap base

1. Cut the required amount of soap base into small chunks and place in a microwave safe container, or use a double boiler on the stove. Each of our round clamshell cavities will hold approximately 35grams of soap base.

2. If using the microwave, cover the container with cling wrap to prevent moisture from evaporating. Microwave on high for 30 seconds then stir. Continue stirring using the existing heat from the jug. When the soap is no longer melting, microwave it again in 30 second increments, again stirring until all soap pieces have disappeared. With a double boiler or melter, add your melt and pour soap base, heat until the soap starts to melt. Keep an eye on it stirring it at intervals. There is no set heat temperature however it should not be steaming and should remain slightly viscous.

3. Add your body safe fragrance. Once the base is melted, keep stirring until the soap is no longer cloudy and the fragrance is fully incorporated. Start with 20mls per 500gms or 2-4% and work up or down from there depending on your results. Essential oils can also be used. Please familiarise yourself with the safety issues of essential oils and fragrances. Always check the IFRA certificate online for maximum usage recommendations for your chosen fragrance.

4. Add any colour you are going to use making sure it is cosmetic grade. We prefer to use mica or personal care dye. The percentage of colour depends on the depth of colour you would like to achieve. Botanicals can also be used to achieve natural colouring.

5. Once your soap has been stirred thoroughly and all ingredients sufficiently incorporated , pour your soap base into its mould. Leave your soap to dry.

6. If you find your soap has air bubbles on the surface, spritz the top of your soap with isopropyl alcohol. This will pop all of your bubbles and give you a smooth finish

7. After a couple of hours depending on the ambient temperature your soap will be ready for de moulding. Turn the mould over and gently apply pressure to the back of the mould pushing in different areas until the soap is released. Store your soap appropriately to avoid sweating, discolouring and losing its moisturizing properties. For short term storage wrap in cling film. For long term storage using shrink wrap on your soap is advised. Close the clamshell lid and store as an alternative