Cambridge Frosted Tumbler

Cambridge Frosted Tumbler

A beautiful, large seamless frosted tumbler. The frosting gives a beautiful, soft glow to candle flames and looks particularly special at night. The Frosted Cambridge is seamless and thick walled and compliments any décor.

Mix and Match this vessel with our Cambridge Lids Collection!

1 = $2.70 each
12 = $2.10 each
36 = $1.90 each

Aussie Candle Supplies does not recommend double wicking any glassware with a diameter of 10cm or less. 

Base diameter: 79mm
Height: 99mm
Outer Diameter: 85mm
Inner Diameter: 79mm

Holds 300gms wax (approx.) including fragrance

Wick suggestion:
GW 464: 
CDN: 16 / 18
ACS: 7.5 / 7.7

SoyaLuna Wax:
CDN: 10 / 12
ACS: 6.5 / 6.7

Have a look at our packaging options for this vessel! 
Cambridge Boxes

Please note: Glassware may be marked on inside/outside. This is due to the manufacturing process when the vessel was released from the mould. To remove, simply wipe surface with a dry microfibre cloth.

 A lot of our product packaging can be recycled.  Please click here to find out what and how waste can be recycled.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Robert M.
My favourite container.

The frosted glass gives the softest glow creating the most wonderful ambience.

Caroline C.
Cambridge frosted tumbler

Good quality great price

Love them

Such a lovely jar!