Apothecary Jar 142gm

Apothecary Jar 142gm

The ever popular Apothecary jar is an old fashioned jar used widely in the medicinal industry. With no fuss straight sides these jars are plain and simple letting your products do the shining

1 =$2.20 each
12 = $1.80 each
48 = $1.70 each

Aussie Candle Supplies does not recommend double wicking any glassware with a diameter of 10cm or less. 

Base diameter: 
Height (no lid): 79mm
Widest Diameter: 60mm
Top Diameter: 
Height (with lid): 

Holds approx.: 130gms wax + fragrance

Wick suggestion:
CDN: 8
ACS: 4.0


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