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Multi wicking correctly.

It can look extremely pretty, but multiple wicking in glass containers is fraught

with danger, particularly if you are not 100% sure of what you are doing.

The pretty flickering of one flame is so mesmerising why not add more? Because – the more wicks you add the more chances you have of something going seriously wrong with your candle.

At Aussie Candle Supplies we strongly recommend you never double or triple wick anything under 10cm.

We have taken many phone calls and emails over the years and still to this day,  where upon investigation and probing further, the customer has admitted ‘yeah I just put two of the same wick in I would have used  when single wicking’  In this case it was two CDN 24’s.  That is not a hazard, that is bomb!

If you do not know how to safely double or triple wick then stay away from it.

The heat generated from a single correctly wicked candle is enormous and even then despite your best efforts, things can go wrong with the glass, with mushrooming, with safety etc.  If double or triple wicking with the wrong size wick it will only be a matter of time before something catastrophic happens.

Educate yourself on the correct procedure for working out the correct wick size.  Learn and practice and test, then test and then test more.  If you have to ask what wick to use then you are  not ready to make this step.  It may sound harsh but you have a responsibility to your customers who are buying your products.  They may not necessarily have the knowledge to know what is correct and what is incorrect with a candle so you have to know for them.

Please visit our blog post on ‘How to work out the correct size of wick when double or triple wicking’ to start your journey of education.

Please do not ask us what wicks to use when multi wicking.  We do not agree with it unless we have tested it ourselves in our own glassware and we are confident with the results.  For this reason we do not recommend multiple wicking so we will not give you suggestions.