KW 4135 Coconut Soy

KW 4135 Coconut Soy

Kerax coconut soy blend contains no additives and is both natural and kosher, vegan and cruelty free.
KW4135 is a great wax to make container candles.  Coconut wax is distinctive in its lower melting point and viscosity compared with other natural waxes and when blended with the strengths of soy results in a easy to use wax with great glass adhesion.


Pour Temp:  65-70°C

Melt Point:  50°C
FO Load: 10%-12%

NOTE: As this wax has a very low melt point it may soften greatly during transport and even melt in hot conditions.  Personal testing is required.We accept no responsibility for the performance or outcomes from the use of this product

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