Espresso Martini Coffee Scrub


400g Body Scrub Base 

100g Castile Liquid Soap or other liquid soap base 

250g Raw Sugar 

100g coffee grounds 

Turkish Mocha Fragrance Oil 

Glitter Brown Cosmetic Grade Mica (approx 1g) 



        1.  Weigh out  400g of Body Scrub Base and place into a heat proof mixing  bowl.  
        2. Warm gently using a double boiler or microwave and mix with a metal spoon. The base should be softened, not melted. 
        3. Add 100g of Castile Soap to the Body Scrub base and add this to the soap base. Mix gently to combine the two bases. 
        4. Remove from heat and add 100g of coffee grounds and 250g of raw sugar.   Whip the product gently with a hand mixer and gradually increase the speed of the mixer. Continue to do so for approx. 2-3 minutes until light and fluffy. 
        5. Add Mica in very small amounts until a dark brown is observed 
        6. Add 5g of Turkish Mocha fragrance and mix thoroughly. You may want to adjust the amounts of fragrance added to suit personal taste. 
        7. Spoon into containers before the scrub has cooled entirely and enjoy.  
        8. Test “grittiness” of scrub once cooled and more coffee grounds can be added if required. 

Makes 1kg of scrub