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 How easy is candle making?


      Beginners kit instructions

       * Large Candle kit instructions

      How to make a palm pillar candle

      How to make a paraffin pillar candle

      Fragrance Load

       * How to make a clamshell melt 

       * How to make melt & pour soap 

       * Lip balm making

       * How to make aroma bead diffusers

       * Assembling the reed packaging     

      Assembling Tuscany Sola Packaging

      * Assembling Car Diffuser Packaging

      * Diffuser Bottle Care and Use

 Where do i start?      



      Massage candle 

      Egg Shell Tealights 


       * Lead Statement 

       Difference between wicks

Fragrance & Essential Oils

         * The differences between fragrances and

            essential oils

       * Limonene Article

       * Bergamot Oil

       * Lemon Oil

  Common Questions

Trouble shooting

       Lumpy tops

       Wet spots


       Scent Throw

Cosmetic Labelling Laws


 Care and use of oils and liquids


Benefits of African Black Soap