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Are we able to pour hot wax into the 'clear glass votive', or is this a glass that you place the candle in once it has cooled?


Hello I'm not quite sure how to do the maths. How many grams of eva beads will fit into a 250mL PET jar and then how do you work out the 30% for the fragrance? Is it 30% of the weight of the beads or 30% of the volume (250mL) of the jar.Thank you :-)

Soy Wax

What does it mean when you describe your wax as being kosher certified?Also, if your wax is natural with no additives does that mean that it is organic?Where do you source your soy from?Regards
Hi, Can you please tell me what is the highest fragrance loading for this wax.thanks


Hi there, Which cotton wick best suits this jar? Many thanks,Brigitte
What is the difference between ACS wicks and CDN wicks?