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Oil Burners

Please note: You should only ever use aluminium tea lights in any oil burner due to excessive heat build up.

Fortnightly Instalments Available with

Fortnightly Instalments Available with

Vesta Oil Burner
Vesta - The roman Goddess of the hearth and it's home. This large, ceramic, marble look oil burner features a lovely star pattern
Dimensions approximate:
Height: 14.7cm
Base Diameter: 12.5cm
Bowl Diameter: 12.5cm
Bowl Depth: 2.6cm
Darav Oil Burner
Another one of our favourites. A large, oversize oil burner in a beautiful sea green colour. These large oil burners are very common in top hotels and spas overseas. Have a really large area to scent then these are the answer. The large, deep bowl holds quite a lot of liquid allowing for a greater disbursement of scent.
Dimensions approximate:
Height: 17.2cm
Base diametre: 15cm
Bowl diametre: 14cm
Bowl depth: 3cm
Laima Oil Burner
Arabic for shining and radiant, this glazed ceramic oil burner features a blood red interior glaze that shines brightly at night.
Dimensions approximate:
Height: 11.5cm
Bottom Diameter: 6.7cm
Bowl Diameter: 9.2cm
Bowl Depth: 2.5cm
Darav Oil Burner
Laima Oil Burner