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Natural Butters

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  • Cocoa Butter

    Cocoa Butter

    Theobroma Cacao (unrefined)

    Natural Cocoa Butter is extracted from the Cacao Bean and carries a rich pleasant chocolate aroma. Cocoa Butter has high oxidative stability as a result of being naturally rich in antioxidants.
    Cocoa butter is great for naturally healing dry, sensitive skin as it is ultra-hydrating.
    It is also an emollient adding a layer of protection on your skin to help with moisture loss.
    Cocoa butter, when used in skin care products, can help to improve skin elasticity and skin tone, allow for better collagen retention and production, and increase hydration.
    It is one of nature s richest moisturizers.
    It can be used in anhydrous, oil-based products and in emulsions (creams and lotions).
    What can you make using cocoa butter
    Lotion bars
    Bath bombs
    Creams and lotions
    Lip balms
    Sourced from West Africa, South America, Southeast Asia

    Food Grade
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    Cocoa Butter 100g
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    Cocoa Butter 5Kg
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  • Kokum Butter

    Kokum Butter

    Garcinia Indica
    Kokum is a white, dry, flaky butter often used to replace cocoa butter in cosmetic preparations.
    It is a hard but stable butter that melts when it comes into contact with the skin, and is highly regarded for its skin healing properties.
    It is beneficial in the treatment of many skin conditions including dry skin, wrinkles and skin cell rejuvenation.
    Kokum butter is non-comodegenic (non pore clogging) and has high anti oxidant properties.
    Our refined Kokum butter can be used in: cosmetics including lipsticks and lip balms, body butters, moisturizers, hair care products, creams, lotions, acne products, balms, shaving creams & bar soaps.
    Origin: Netherlands Learn More
    Kokum Butter 100g
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    Kokum Butter 500g
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    Kokum Butter 5Kg
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  • Mango Butter

    Mango Butter

    Mangifera indica
    Used widely in the cosmetic and food industries, Mango butter is an excellent emollient with high oxidative stability.
    Mango butter is a highly effective emollient due to it's high level of non-saponifiables.
    The mango butter is solvent-extracted from the mango kernels and undergoes a deodorization process.
    It is excellent for targeting dry, aged and damaged skin.
    Mango Butter has a greater level of nutrients and vitamins than compared to shea and cocoa butter, including high levels of vitamin A, vitamin C, palmitic acid, arachidic acid, linoleic acid, oleic acid and stearic acid.
    This light, non-greasy butter can help to supplement your skin and body products adding rich nutrients necessary to keep skin and hair conditioned and moisturized.
    Food Grade
    NOTE: If your butter appears grainy and soft it is because it has melted and experienced fatty acid separation which is common in butters if they get hot, melt and resolidify. Please heat gently, stir and let resolidify and the mango butter will go back to normal. This does not affect the performance or structure of the butter in any way
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    Mango Butter 100g
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    Mango Butter 500g
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    Mango Butter 5Kg
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  • Olive Butter

    Olive Butter

    Extremely nourishing our olive butter can be used for creams, lip balms and hair conditioners.
    It is easily absorbed into the skin and combines with shea butter to keep your skin nourished and moisturized. Learn More
    Olive Butter 100g
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    Olive Butter 500g
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    Olive Butter 5Kg
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  • Virgin Shea Butter

    Virgin Shea Butter

    Butyrospermum Parkii
    Shea butter is a highly moisturizing, soft butter that is widely used and sought after in the cosmetics industry. After being extracted from the Shea nut, the appearance of Shea Butter is a tan pale yellowish and carries a characteristic odour which disappears after a few minutes.
    The unique fatty acid profile coupled with the butter's high level of non-saponifiables, makes it a highly effective emollient. Shea nut butter is also known to contribute to skin elasticity.
    It also contains vitamins A and E which help the skin from being damaged by the sun s harmful ultraviolet rays.
    Shea butter can be used as a stand alone preparation or in cosmetics, lotions, soaps and lip balms. Learn More
    Virgin Shea Butter 100g
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    Virgin Shea Butter 500g
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    Virgin Shea Butter 5Kg
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