Basic Massage Candle


Massage candles are easy to make and are have the basic technique of normal candles

Soy wax is commonly used due to its low melt point, thus being a lot safer and cooler for the skin.  Soy being a natrual vegetable wax usually means its also safer on the skin making it perfect for those with allergies.

After perfecting basic massage candle you can experiment and add a lot of different ingredients inlcuding shea butter, cocoa butter and luxurious body oils to create beautiful, soothing massage candles.

Basic Recipe


                                                             * GW 464 soy wax (this has the lowest melting point of 46-49° )

                                                 * Sweet Almond Oil

                                                 * Skin safe esssential oils or fragrance oils

                                                 * Suitable container such as tins

                                                 * Wicks


* For every 3 parts wax you need to add 1 part sweet almond oil. for example 30 gms of soy add 10mls of oil

* Fragrance and essential oils can be added at 2mls per 30gms of wax

* To make a softer and more luxurious candle substitute one part of the wax for shea or cocoa butter.  So your recipe might end up like this

                                   20gms GW 464

                                   10gms shea butter

                                   10mls (gms) almond oil

                                   2mls of skin safe EO or FO

* From here make the candle as normal.  Place the wax, (butter if using) and oil into a double boiler and melt down stirring gently.  (you can do it in the microwave but in short 30 sec bursts to prevent burning and overheating)

* Once melted add your fragrance and mix gently but well

* Set up your container with your wick.  (it is not too important about what wick to choose as you are not really burning the candle in the real sense.  Start with the wick you would normally use for the container you are using and see how it performs.  It needs to burn enough to create a large enough melt pool to use.  You don't need a huge melt pool)

* Once the wax has cooled down but is still melted pour into your container and leave overnight trimming the wikc as normal to around 1cm


* Try adding other great massage oils such as jojoba, apricot kernel, avocado

(Please try all recipes on yourself  before selling to ensure allergy safeness and correct consistency of massage oil.  Candles will also have to be correctly labelled according to Australian standards)

Instructions for use

* Light the candle and allow a small melt pool to form, just enough for your use.

* Extinguish the flame and allow the melt pool to cool a little so it is not too hot.

* Pour the desired amount onto your hands or directly on to your skin